Tournament (new format!)

After all those years running the same format we will try something new this year!

More about this later, but in short:

  • There are still Fluffy Bunnies
  • There will be a lot of fights happening!
  • There will be no elimination rounds, so the ‘Receiver of the Fluffy Bunnies’ will be chosen by other ways
  • Everybody’s vote will count!
  • Skill level won’t matter! (Though you will still need to provide sufficient gear!)
  • No way to cheat!*

* and if you find a way: you’re a dick!

1. Equipment

No bare skin. This includes the back of the calf. If bare skin is exposed when the jacket is lifted (i.e. the midriff is exposed when the arms are raised), the fighter will be disqualified from that bout, and from the competition if the problem is not corrected.

Links provided are for example only, and in no way reflect an endorsement.